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"You too can have fun shaking your family tree and capturing the life stories of your favorite people, family, friends, and all loved ones by ordering today!

I spent much of my childhood accompanying my mother, as she would visit older people she knew from her own childhood. I was fascinated with the stories these beloved people told of their lives and their many experiences.

Later, I audio-taped my own mother’s life story. I find listening to her voice so many years after her passing is a joy and sometimes heart rending. Those recordings are some of my most heartfelt & precious possessions.

After her death, I interviewed several other family members for more of our family’s story. For more than ten years I have professionally recorded families memories for those who didn’t have the time or the inclination to do so themselves. I have since developed the Life’s Reflections Memories Question Booklet so that you or someone you know can record the seniors in your own family, while preserving legacies for generations to come."

Biographical Interviewer


We now feature a complete booklet of interview questions for sale. This D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) booklet contains the same questions Jan uses when she conducts her professional interviews.

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