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Social Media

I recently attended a Social Media class and am amazed how versitile the various sites can be. A new one for me is if you are not familiar with it you might like to check it out. It seems a good way to put out the word especially when you have had great service at an eating establishment or any other place where you were satisfied with the treatment you received/a great product you purchased. They felt Linkedin was the more professional of the three social media sites, although they felt Twitter and Facebook are beneficial..
We were encouraged to share meaningful books. I have read just finished reading Crush It –a great book on using Social Media especially Twitter and Facebook to further your on-line business. The other is The Four Hour Work Week, this, too, is about on-line marketing. I ordered both from Amazon and saved a bit of money ordering used books.
Both were in great condition.
Another book I have found very useful in my Personal Historian business, Life’s Reflections, is Cyndi’s List.
It was most beneficial when I started Life’s Reflections several years ago.
I have interviewed over 500 people, who shared their personal stories and family memories .   56 are from one family –the Juan de Jesus Vigil family who settled in southern Colorado at the base of the Spanish Peaks aka Las Huajatollas.
The early family came from Spain in the l600’s and settled in Mexico, later moved to the New Mexico Territory and then into the Colorado Territory about 1860–several years before Colorado became a state. The Spanish Peaks. are located not far from Trinidad and Aguilar Colorado. The Vigil family settlement was called Trujillo Creeek. Several of the homestead houses are still standing as well as the school house, church and the family cemetary.
You can find their website on my website where you can find more about how to capture you or your loved one’s memories, family history and  family stories.  I can do it for you in a three hour interview in person or over the phone.  If you wish to do the story gathering yourself I have a Life’s Reflections Questions ebook you can order from my website.  The questions are comprehensive and are the same questions I use in the interviews I do.


When you look for the good in others, you discover the best in yourself.

I am not just waiting for something good to happen–I know something good is happening and I am ready to accept it.

Before speaking I ask myself: Is it true, is it kind, is it necessary?

Things that we take forgranted in our lives are totally amazing. –                                                                                                                  –Peter Kater

Be more concerned about your character than your   reputation.      John Wooden

If you can’t excel with talent, triumph with effort. D.Weinbaum

Rev. Dr. Patty Luchenbach Lakewood CO

As I shared the memories and stories of my ancestors and the stories of my life I felt embraced and honored with Jan’s ability to hear me and respect my journey.  The time spent with Jan will be a memory in my book of life.  Thank you, Jan.

Carolyn Romero – Loveland CO

For over 30 years I have been researching the genealogy of the Juan de Jesus Vigil family, who settled in southern Colorado in 1860.   As I have located descendants, Jan has helped me document the family history by interviewing over 50 members of my family.  Jan has the ability to put people at ease and is able to draw interesting facts from our family members.

To find more about Carolyn’s ancestory go to

Ron Jerman – Wheat Ridge CO

Anyone interested in preserving their family history should definately contact Jan Lindgren of Life’s Reflections.  My wife and I recently had our stories recorded as a gift to our kids and grandchildren.  We found this to be a most enjoyable experience.  Jan seemed genuinely interested in everything we were saying and it became like reminiscing with an old friend.