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Charity begins at home but not to stay there!  by Philip Brooks


I let go and allow the universe to proceed without my assistance or supervision.  Simple Abundance


When found with choices, I will opt for the path that enhances my self-esteem.     Alanon


I choose kindness at every opportunity.

One’s attitude is nothing but an outward reflection of what resides on the inside.      Keith Harrell




Today, I set the intention to see God in everyone.  I accept people for who they  are.   I remember each one of us is a blessing!      Ron


What is the kindest, most loving thing I can say or do right now?        Science of Mind


I have the right to choose my own standards of conduct, but I do not have the power to impose those standards on others.    Alanon


Until you learn to be grateful for the things you have, you wil not receive the things you want.       John Kralik

Be generously present to one another.


Shame is the power of disconnection.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of us, we can know we have greatness within.   Science of mind

We all long to feel that our presence is welcome in the world.

What do I do that matters?

I found that my circumstances couldnt improve unless I did.  Barney K.